PETA premeia Oriflame

13-10-2007 10:53

Peta premeia Oriflame


Em 2007, a Oriflame recebe o Prémio Proggy da PETA, pelo seu respeito pelos animais e ambiente - Best cruelty-free personal care product line.

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OriflameWhat makes Oriflame the "natural" pick of the cosmetics crop? Inspired by Sweden's untouched natural beauty and clean air and water, Oriflame's all-natural make-up and skin-care products are infused with a multitude of vitamin-rich botanical ingredients, including algae, birch and cloudberry. But Oriflame's high-quality collection of eco-friendly products are just as special for what is not in them – namely, animal-derived ingredients like sheep lanolin, carmine and other nasties you would never want to put on your body. Even sweeter is the kind company's firm anti-animal-testing policy, which states that they do not "test products or ingredients on animals, and no ingredients derived from dead animals, or sourced while causing harm to animals, are used." Good for you and good for animals, their array of mostly vegan creams, lotions, potions, lipsticks, eye shadows, mascaras, foundations, concealers and blush also look great on your skin! One of the world's fastest-growing cosmetics companies, Oriflame is your cruelty-free connection for animal- and Earth-friendly products that are guaranteed to give you a killer look without killing animals.